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There are more than 1,000 Jack & Jones stores worldwide. 

What a lost trade show booth can teach you about trust 

The transport company: "The stand is gone and we do not know if it will arrive on time". 

These are probably the worst words you can hear before you have to be ready to receive your customers at a trade show. But those were exactly the words that met the team from JACK & JONES just before CIFF in Copenhagen. 

The fashion fair Panorama in Berlin had just ended, and the stand had been packed down and made ready for dispatch. However, due to an error by the transport company, the material had not been sent away and no one knew where it was.

What do you do when things go wrong?

No one knew if the stand would be found in time. But the day before it was to be ready in Copenhagen, the team from Easyfair received a call that the stand had been found in the Berlin Messecenter.

"Then it was about reacting quickly and starting the right processes."

"The goods were sent from Berlin, and when it arrived in Copenhagen, we had 12 men from Easyfair ready to go. We worked all evening, and at 3 o'clock at night we could send a text message to Jack & Jones and tell, that the stand was ready for handover at the agreed time.

Although it was not our fault that the exhibition stand had disappeared, it is important for us to solve the task and get to the finish line completely. That is exactly what our work is about. ”

- Emil Hansen, project manager at Easyfair


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