Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Design, which was started by Christian and Cathrine Rudolph, has in recent years had enormous success with its retro-inspired furniture, which the company sells to retail chains around the world. 

The stand is built around the modules the company used at last year's trade fair. But everything has been given a design boost. 

Scandinavian Design wanted a stand with an exclusive look. On the back wall are hung velor pillows, which create texture and a welcoming expression. 

The stand should pique curiosity. Small panels are set up on the slats, which shield the stand. It should make passers-by curious about what is happening on the other side. 

That is why Scandinavian Design has used Easyfair 3 years in a row at IMM in Cologne 

As a business owner or marketing manager, you know that there is a lot at stake when it comes to trade shows. You need to nurture your relationships and make new contacts. You need to brand your business and build trust. And this is where your competitors can see if you're in control of things or not. 

Everything has to play from start to finish 

The gazelle company Scandinavian Design faces the same challenges when they get ready to go to the international furniture fair IMM in Cologne every year. The stand must radiate the company's identity and values ​​- in design, colors and materials. 

“We have used Easyfair for three years to design, construct and set up our stand at the IMM trade fair in Cologne. Everything has been done extremely professionally, punctually and personally, with a level of service beyond what is expected. ”

- Christian Rudolph, Adm. Director at Scandinavian Design


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