SELECTED, founded in 1977, consists of the two fashion brands, SELECTED HOMME and SELECTED FEMME. Both brands are characterized by a strong Scandinavian design philosophy, which is seen in everything from products to visual forms of expression. When Selected goes to the trade fair, it is important that the visitor can recognize the DNA of the two brands. The style must be minimalist and have a clear focus on quality. 

"They understand our brand and DNA" 

The exhibition stand is designed with unique details that create eye-catchers and invite the guest inside. With both lounge space and screened areas, the stand manages to create a visual universe that provides space for contemplation and tranquility - even on a busy trade fair day. And the mix between green plants and harmonious color shades gives life and atmosphere to an otherwise raw exhibition hall. 

“Easyfair understands our brand and DNA. In addition, they have a good understanding of the quality and details, which add value and contribute to us achieving a complete result at a high level. ”. 

"Everything moves fast in the fashion industry, and during the trade fair seasons there is extra bustle. Selected therefore needs a partner who understands their everyday life and meets the need for flexibility. I'm not nervous when we go to trade fairs because I know Easyfair will find a solution if we run into problems. We greatly appreciate the flexibility that Easyfair shows. It is necessary in an industry where unexpected challenges and changes can arise from time to time."

- Julie Marie Hansen Carl, Selected Store Design / Creative Developer


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