Sofacompany is the result of the founders, Cathrine and Christian Rudolph's dream of challenging the existing furniture industry by creating gorgeous, high-quality furniture design, at honest prices - all year round. This is possible with a simple and unique business concept with sales exclusively via the Internet. At Sofacompany, everyone must be able to afford good, high-quality furniture design, and everyone must experience that they get something for their money.

"They understand us and our industry - and therefore we quickly came to the right solution."

In a busy day, there are many tasks to be solved. Planning and preparing a lot is just one of them. Therefore, it pays to choose a trade fair partner who knows the trade fair industry inside and out - and who manages to get to know your business - and the wishes and goals you have.

“Easyfair understands our industry. But more importantly: They understand our business, our desires and goals. Easyfair was involved from the start and has contributed with both creative proposals and solutions. We were quickly tuned in to each other, and not many changes had to be made before it was right on the money. Easyfair has been good at using their experience and solutions from other industries to create a unique and innovative solution for us ”.

"Easyfair does not give up until the task is solved."

Confidence. This is probably one of the things that matters most when you go to a trade show. And if you want to manage the trade fair planning with peace of mind, it is important that you can trust the trade fair suppliers you work with. You need to know that they are in control of every detail - so you and your sales team are ready to welcome your guests when the trade fair doors open. And that is precisely why Sofacompany has used Easyfair since 2015 for design, construction and setup in connection with trade fairs.


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